Introduction of analysis agency

We perform our test at the most advanced research facility.


Our research institute is an advanced comprehensive DNA testing agency which provides forensic medicine and blood testing services. We provide a wide range of DNA blood testing for companies and individuals, who are trying to confirm their family relationships, in the world. We also provide research and development as well as DNA consulting services. Technology innovation and expertise in this area are our points of excellence.
We have gained a high level of trust from various clients due to our high quality, reliability and customer service. Particularly, we have received the approval of the quality inspection in CAP (College of American Pathologists) over the years.

In terms of technology, our 41-marker test is a clear breakthrough as a solution of DNA testing. The 41-marker test helps with cases that cannot be resolved by the limited 16-marker test. In a recent case, the standard 16-marker paternal test was used to test a child and an alleged father. The DNA was consistent except for one place.
It was determined that the place was calculated as a possibility of mutation. It was also determined that the possible paternity relationship has "a result that is low in accuracy of confirmation.
99.00% or higher is usually required as a basis for DNA testing. In general, in order to avoid risks, we recommend the participation of the mother or the examination of more markers. The mother could not participate in this case.
Therefore, it was changed to a 41-marker test. The result was that 9 mismatches were found between the child and the alleged father. Hence, we denied the assumption that the suspected father is the biological father.

This technology has become very effective for mutation examination and blood test, in which the number of participants is limited. Currently, it is used in more than 20 countries.