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This statement explains how "OMGEN CORP" handles personal information, in order for our clients to be able to use our DNA testing service with peace of mind. Before using this website, we ask that you please do so after having read our company's policy regarding the protection of privacy and agreed to its contents. By using this site, you are agreeing to our policy regarding the handling of personal information.

This DNA testing service is operated by OMGEN CORP and we are currently applying to obtain a certification program by a third-party institution. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission.

By promoting the appropriate usage of personal information, we create confidence and trust towards the internet among our users; therefore, we present the following with regard to the handling of personal and medical information.

1.Collection and use of personal information

OMGEN is the exclusive owner of the information collected on this site. Well will not sell, share or loan this information to others in a manner different to that which is disclosed in the Privacy Statement. OMGEN collects information from users from a particular location on the website. Information is collected in the following cases.

Request for test

At OMGEN, we request information from the client with a request form. Here it is necessary for clients to submit information pertaining to contacting (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.), sending of products (name and address) and payment method. This information is used to handle our clients' orders. Moreover, this information will be used to contact you in the event of any mismanagement on our part.

The request form contains no information whatsoever on the persons who will actually participate in the DNA test. Information is confined to the customer's contact information. Furthermore, information which could be used to identify you (name, email address, address, telephone number) will not be disclosed or sold to a third party for any other purpose.


Please note that, although this site contains links to other sites, OMGEN accepts no responsibility for the protection of personal information on the linked sites. Therefore, when moving from this site to any of the linked sites, it is recommended that you refer to the linked site's the statement on the handling of personal information. This statement applies only to the personal information collected by OMGEN CORP.


We accept various inquiries from general users via the inquiry form. Here we request information to enable us to respond to or contact you (your name, email address).

We read all messages from clients and reply within 12 hours. The information we receive in this form is used to respond directly to questions and suggestions.

Moreover, your email address will not be used for other marketing purposes.

About cookies

OMGEN collects personal information, for marketing purposes, using cookies. However, there is no use of third-party cookies on this website whatsoever.

2. Sharing of Personal Information

Information collected when applying to OMGEN CORP for DNA testing, is temporarily stored by Link Club service, entrusted to manage the data. We have entered into a confidentiality agreement with regard to the managing of client information with them, and except for cases when required in an emergency (such as a server failure), we prohibit the use of personal information for any other purpose. We demand that our business partners handle personal information in the same appropriate manner as we do.

Disclaimer regarding disclosure of personal information

In principle, OMGEN CORP will not disclose privacy information to a third party without the consent of the person concerned. However, there may be occasions where, when requested by the courts, police, revenue office, consumer center, or other institutions with authority recognized by laws and ordinances, we may disclose information, without the consent of the person in question, in response to such requests.

Information security

We do our utmost to protect the information of our clients. Our clients' personal information is managed in a database, and access to the database is limited to the website administrator and persons in charge of customer services with access rights. Furthermore, of the information collected from our clients, only information which has been processed statistically is handled and personal information is not shared or used externally.

Furthermore, when collecting information from you on this website, in order to ensure that the information is secure, up-to-date and complete, we provide an environment which encrypts the data being sent using the Secure Socket Layer(SSL) protocol. We educate our employees on the importance of privacy protection and the handling of information.

The term of protection of personal information

The management of the information changes depending on the purpose of the client's application. For persons applying for a "personal" DNA test, personal information will be erased after a period of one year from the test. For persons applying for a DNA test for "court use", we will retain the information for a period of five years. This is because their is the possibility that we may be called as a third-party witness during the court proceedings. However, the information will be erased after five years has passed.

About Log Files

This site does not record log files.

Changes in the handling of personal information

Details of the above will be reviewed and improved, in line with any changes to laws governing the handling of customer personal and medical information. Any changes made to this statement with regard to the handling of customer personal and medical information will be posted on this website. Therefore, we will always make it known to clients, in an easy-to-understand way, exactly what kind of information OMGEN CORP is collecting and what it is being used for.


Please direct any inquiries regarding this "Handling of Personal and Medical Information" to the address below.

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