Frequently Asked Questions

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QCan you perform a father-child paternity test without the mother's DNA?

AIs it possible to test only the father and the child.
However, if the mother takes part in the test, both the inspection accuracy and speed will improve.
Since a child is born from his/her mother, the child's genes and the mother's genes always match.
Without the presence of the mother, even if the half of child's genes match the alleged father's genes, it is difficult for us to judge whether that is accidental or due to a biological relationship.

QDo I need a doctor's referral or approval from a court or a lawyer?

AOur company is a testing company established in the United States. We are offering this service to Japanese speakers that native language is Japanese. In Nevada, you can do the test without permission.

QHow accurate is the result of DNA paternity testing?

AIn the case of a positive result we can guarantee accuracy more than 99%. In the case of a negative result it will be 0%. Thus we can deliver a clear result.

QIs using saliva more accurate than using blood for a test?

AUsing blood has the same accuracy level as saliva.
Blood sampling is painful. However, in the case of saliva, you can just collect with a swab from inside the mouth. There is no pain, and the process is very easy.
Furthermore, if you let the swab dry, it can be stored for months at room temperature.

QWhat if there are two possible fathers who are biologically close?

AExcept in the case of identical twins, 50% of the genes are different among siblings. Therefore, there is no problem.

QIn a case where the possible father has died, is it possible to have an test?

AIt is possible. In this case, hair, body fluids and blood which are attached to clothing can be used as a special sample. In some cases it may be difficult depending on the condition of the sample.
If you can collect a sample from the man's parents or siblings, the genes of the deceased can be reconstructed, and we can perform the test.

QHow long does it take to get the test results?

AIt takes about 10-15 days.
The testing period will vary depending on the individual.

QI forgot my password. What should I do?

AIf you forget your password, please go through the password re-issuing process. We have a reminder function.
Please understand that we cannot tell you the password even if you contact us.

QFrom what age can people undergo DNA testing?

ASince a sample can be extracted with a cotton swab from inside the mouth, a newborn baby can undergo the test without any problems.

QAre there any possibilities that the information and results of the test will be exposed to a third party?

AWe are sure that the information will be treated with the utmost consideration so as not to be leaked to a third party.
We will never transfer the information to a third party.

QAbout the payment

APayment should be made by credit card. We will send you a sample kit when all payments have been confirmed.

QIf the sample extraction is insufficient, do I have to pay the cost of re-testing?

AIn cases where DNA extraction is not sufficient and you have to extract again, extra fees will not be charged for re-examination. Our company will give you unlimited re-examinations free of charge.

QWhich party should bear the mailing costs of returning the DNA samples collected?

AOf course, we will bear the costs.

QIs it possible to send a sample kit to a different location other than the current address?

AIt is possible.

QIs it possible to make the name anonymous when receiving a sample kit and when returning the sample kit?

AIt is possible.

QHow will the test results be available?

AThe test results are displayed as a PDF file. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for the report.

QPlease tell me the procedures of the testing from placing the order to receiving the results.

APlease refer to the following page
In case of paying by credit card

QI lost my order information. I would like you to tell me the information by telephone or email.

AWe cannot give such information by phone or email from the viewpoint of the protection of personal information.

QCan I place an order from a mobile phone?

AWe are sorry, but you cannot. We are not providing the service through feature mobile phones.