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What is DNA paternity testing?


Paternity testing is the way to determine whether the father (mother) is the biological father (mother) of a child by examining the characteristics of the sequence of the base pairs in the DNA.
A child inherits the total of 46 DNA chromosomes, from the father's sperm (23 chromosomes) and the mother's egg (23 chromosomes).
A child (human) has 46 chromosomes, comprised of 23 pairs. There is a specific DNA sequence located in each area of each of the chromosome pairs. Investigating the specific DNA sequence in several places makes it possible to prove the biological relationship between father, or mother and the child.
If the tested father (or mother) is the biological father (mother), the pair of DNA sequences located in each of the chromosomes of the child should have been passed down from each parent.
It will be proved that you are biologically the child's father(mother) via the DNA analysis.

Standard paternity testing

Comparison Table of paternity testing,
Standard / Advanced

  Standard Advanced
Examination of three persons
(mother, father, child)
◎ ◎
Examination of two
(father, child)
○ ◎
Accuracy changes at the time of the occurrence of the mutation ▲ ◎

◎ : Optimum○ : Fair▲ : Caution

We use the ABI Company's Identifilar and check 13 locations which conform to CODIS (The Combined DNA Index System), the international standard of DNA. We investigate 16 locations in total, including two more locations and gender gene locations.
This test has been used internationally and has been adopted in many countries. In Japan, this standard has been used by the police, in court and at University Hospitals.

Our advanced technology has made it possible to proceed this test easily by collecting samples from oral mucosa. It is the same as the normal 16-marker test which is performed in many other companies.

Standard test

□ □ ■□ □ □ ■■□ □

When black squares appear for the mutations that occur rarely, the accuracy cannot be expected. In that case the result will be "uncertain".

Advanced test

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

However, we can give deliver stability and high precision, even for mutations that occur rarely.

Advanced test

Points of 3step DNA testing.

Blood sampling is unnecessary! Testing will be done in 3 easy steps.

Step1:Sign up > Step2:Collection and mailing > Step3:Result report

Sample of the test results screen
Sample of the test
results screen

Carefully planned service system

  • Since two inspection teams provide their own independent analysis, the test accuracy is guaranteed to be at least 99%
  • We will fully protect your information for the whole process, from the start to the sending the results.
  • We provide an extensive support system to answer your questions when you have any anxiety or concerns.

Test Application Form

Test content Period Fee Note
Standard DNA paternity testing (2 people) About 14 days 14,900 Yen Testing father (Testing mother) and child
Options Fee   Note
Option for improved accuracy
(Participation of the mother)
5,000 Yen Fathers cannot participate in the Mother-child testing.
Adding other participants
(father, child)
10,000 Yen per person
Express service 10,000 Yen The test period can be shortened to 10 days.
Mailing of Certificate 3,000 Yen  
Contents of Kit "Guidebook for DNA testing extraction","Application form","*Self-addressed envelope","Cotton swabs and envelope for the samples"
*You have to return the items printed in red.
*In cases where DNA extraction is not sufficient and you have to extract again, extra fees will not be charged for re-examination. Our company will give you unlimited re-examinations free of charge.
*Mailing expenses for samples are all free of charge.

Please check the "Comments based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act" regarding your payment method.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the content or methodology of testing.


About password management

We ask that you are extra careful with the ID and password which you register at the time of your order.
If you forget your password, please go through the password re-issuing process. We have a reminder function.
Please understand that we cannot tell you the password even if you contact us.

Report on the test results.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for the report since the result will be displayed as a PDF file.

Regarding the use of mobile phones, such as smartphones or feature phones.

You can apply with using a smartphone if you go to the smartphone version of the page.
Please note that it is not possible to place an order using a feature phone.